Three national parks, one regional natural park, fiftytwo with wildlife sanctuaries and nature reserves, as well as numerous villages and places full of natural beauties. Practically speaking, an unpolluted nature where you can have exciting walks to admire landscape and art. All this and more is the Abruzzi.

For those who love excursions and have cultural interests, the geographical position of Silvi Marina – in the middle of the Abruzzi coast – allows you to reach in a range of few kilometres its natural parks and reserves, museums and ancient villages that tell you the millenary history of this region.


The Abruzzi keeps great treasures disguised as medieval villages, castles, churches, monasteries and historical palaces plunged in a spectacular nature that, in a close range, can join breathtaking landscapes together. Mountain – hill – sea spread without interruption, allowing to reach soon the mountain’s peaks and, through the eno-gastronomic courses of the verdant hills, dive into the blue Adriatic sea.

And if these statements come from Anglo-Saxon papers that compare the Abruzzi to the titled “Chiantishire”, you have to believe in it!

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