The Municipality of Silvi introduced the Tourist Tax.

The tax applies to overnight stays for tourists for a maximum of 10 consecutive nights.

The tax applicable for this accommodation facility is 1 euro per person per night.

The following exemptions apply:

  • children up to 14 years of age;
  • the subjects who assist inpatients in the health facilities of the city, on the basis of a companion for each patient;
  • belonging to law enforcement in service and / or voluntary associations;
  • drivers or group leaders (min.25 people);
  • tourist groups organized by public bodies;
  • sports teams and / or youth theatrical or musical amateur companies;
  • students who stay for internships, traineeships, studies and research;
  • people with severe disabilities and a carer;
  • employed in service from the eighth day of stay, even if not consecutive;
  • tourists who use the train in convention.

We wish to inform guests that in the event of failure to pay, late payment or partial payment of the tax mentioned above, the Municipality of Silvi will arrange to retrieve the tax not paid, in addition to any sanctions and interest applicable, in compliance with existing provisions.